Smoothie and peanut butter, VOR lesson on the fly, Thule gifts and a goodbye Canada

I am seated in Starbucks at Vancouver airport passing some time before returning to check-in.  The flight back to Hong Kong has plenty of seats however the aircraft will encounter strong winds on the way back and there may be a requirement to trade “bums on seats” for fuel.  I am confident that I will get on however, there is another Cathay flight early tomorrow morning (around 2.30am) at it is “wide open”.  Either way I will get back to HK in time for work on Wednesday.

I rose around 9.30am Vancouver time this morning – rested and feeling refreshed after a good night of sleep.  Gary and Leah insisted that I sleep in the main bedroom on a nice comfortable mattress – gotta love the hospitality!

Gary made me a wonderful smoothie for breakfast along with some very fresh English muffins and hot coffee.  Perfect.  He is such a great guy and The Princess and I are lucky to be able to call him (and Leah) our friend(s).

Gary is a keen MS Flight Simulator player and he is always keen to learn more about the technical aspects of flying.  He grilled me this morning on the use of VOR and navigation.  I filled him full of as much info’ as I could to totally confuse him and I am sure he will be “tracking aids” like a professional in no time!!

Leah rose quite early this morning and she spent a couple of hours re-potting the new plants that they purchased yesterday.  The townhouse will be complete with beautiful colour for summer!!  I look forward to seeing some pictures.

We sorted ourselves out with showers and re-packing (me) before making the short (30 mins) drive to the airport.  Gary and Leah dropped me off outside departures around 1.00pm and I went straight to check-in.  As mentioned above – I am now waiting to see if I get on the first flight (departing at 3.30pm – around 1.5 hours from now). I will return to check-in around 2.30pm .

In the meantime I will enjoy the time I have to update the blog and drink the hot cup of Latte that I have beside me.

Well, I didn’t get on the flight to Hong Kong.  Apparently there has been a volcanic eruption over the wastelands of Russia and this means that the flight has to track via a more southerly route.  This results in a longer distance travelled and more fuel needs to be carried to cater for the extra flying time.

So, I will be spending a lazy day at Vancouver airport and trying for the next Cathay flight (tomorrow morning).  I think I should be OK for this one because it is a different aircraft.  It has more capacity for fuel and it is a bit more efficient than the one flying the earlier service – no wonder Cathay bought more of them!!  The aircraft flying the next service has a nicer business class too.  A lie flat bed vs a 3/4 recline.  Much nicer for the 14 hour flight back to Hong Kong.  Fingers crossed for a successful listing on the next flight.

Well, it has just gone 11.00pm and I am still around three hours away from hopefully flying to Hong Kong.  The flight looks quite open but with the current flight restrictions across the Pacific I won’t get too excited.  I have kept myself entertained during the day by “chatting” to friends in Australian and Asia (on SKYPE).  I have also covered a lot of the very small Vancouver airport.  I have also taken it VERY easy.  I will hopefully update this blog from onboard a Cathay 777 over the Pacific!!

Well, I made it!!  I am just waiting to board the aircraft.  It was late getting in from New York so we won’t be leaving Vancouver until 3.30am.  I will be well and truly ready for a sleep by the time we get airborne.  My body clock is still on Calgary time so that means I will have been awake for around 19 hours or more by the time I get to sleep.

Anyway, no complaints.  I am in business class in a lie flat bed so I should return to HK refreshed.

Goodnight and G’day wherever you are in the world.


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