Snowing in June,A little bit of Belgium in Calgary, BBQ in the snow

According to the Calgary weather statistics the average temperatures for Calgary in June are 7.3C min and 20.2C max with a mean temp of 13.8C. As I write this at 12.26pm the temperature outside it 4C and snowing in areas around the city.  Mmmmm.  I think they will have to re-write their statistics for this year.

Still, Calgary is a beautiful place whether the weather is good or not so pleasant and we are here to enjoy catching up with the many family and friends that reside in the south of Alberta.

We slept soundly again last night and chose to stay between the sheets until 10.00am.  The bed is very comfortable and our bodies are enjoying the extra rest and relaxation.  Our desire to stay in bed could also be something to do with the thermal shock that we are experiencing!

Around 1.00pm we ventured outside into the chilly June weather and set out to purchase some gifts for the host of our family reunion today (Jen – Sandra’s auntie).  Jen and Jill (sisters) and Jen’s partner (Larry) have put in a huge effort to ensure that today’s gathering is one to remember.  Whilst the extended family is quite small it will be nice to catch up with everyone after 18 months.

On leaving the hotel (around 1.00pm) we decided to have a bite to eat and pick up some wine for today’s reunion.  The supper fare was going to be large so we had a light meal (sandwich at Subway) before purchasing two nice bottles of red at Co-Op.  The selection was vast so we purchased a couple of reds from Australia and Chile.

Chocolates are always a favourite for “thank-you” so we went in search of a Bernard Callebaut chocolate store.  This iconic chocolate store (actually nine in Calgary) is a 25 year old business.  It’s owner (Bernard) migrated from Belgium and set up his business headquarters in Calgary.

Finding a BC store was not easy (we should have checked the net first) so we drove around and took in the traffic and the Calgary landscape whilst looking at “strip mall” signs.

A coffee (first for the day) was also on the agenda so we drove to an area we know well (Altadore – where our condo is located) and stopped in at the local Starbucks.  While waiting for the coffee I ask a local for directions to the nearest BC chocolate store then set off to find it.

The nearest store was located on 17th Avenue, a great place for restaurants, shopping and, of course, a chocolate store.  On parking the car the snow/hail (yes it was snowing!!) increased so we donned our rain jackets and braved the cold and made a hasty dash to the store – all in the name of chocolate!!

With chocolates in hand we returned to the busy Calgary roads and headed off for Auntie Jen’s.

The reunion was a wonderful affair.  Larry cooked an excellent BBQ in the snow, the tribe of children played non-stop, the adults caught up the past 18 months and we all ate too much food.  A bit like a Christmas celebration in June.

We talked, played and reminisced until late evening (we left around 11.00pm) before making the short drive back to the Delta.  We arrived back at the hotel around 11.30pm.

Our tired eyes and full bellies were in need of another long sleep so we collapsed into bed around 12.30pm and drifted off to sleep rather quickly.  Indeed, I am writing this on Sunday morning around 11.30am – my first blog that I haven’t written before going to bed.  I must be getting lazy.

So, without any further ado I will download some photo’s and append them to this missive and publish it.

Good morning, good evening, G’day and good health.

Roey and The Princess

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