Soft pillows, lazy morning, cold and wet day

The 4.30am start in Reno yesterday morning resulted in two rather tired travellers last night and this meant that we slept long and hard last night.  Indeed, we woke very late this morning – 10.30am!

With breakfast cereal, juice, fruit and milk available in our room (courtesy of our shopping efforts yesterday) we were able to enjoy a late breakfast in our room – a nice way to start the day.

Today’s weather in Calgary was, in a word – miserable.  So miserable that it snowed in parts of the city.  June (summer) and it is snowing.  We heard reports that the temperature slipped down to -1C with wind chill and it is currently 2C outside.  And we thought that leaving our return until June would result in warm weather!!  Sadly mistaken.  The picture you see here was taken when we were here for our last summer break in Calgary – quite a difference!

You can imagine our reaction when we finally ventured outside around midday.  Brrrrrrr.  We made a quick dash for the car and turned to heater on to high.  However, we were only driving across the road (literally) to see Laura – the friend that kindly organised our room for us in the Delta.  Laura works here at the Delta and arranged the booking for us here (a very comfortable room).  We have not seen Laura for over 18 months so it was great to catch up briefly for a chat.

From the hotel we headed to a local mall called Southcentre.  The mall is a short drive from the Delta and we aimed to pick up a few things after our morning brew (well afternoon brew today).  After parking the car we braved the falling rain (sleet) and made a dash for the warmth inside the mall.

With our bodies thawing we took time to enjoy a light lunch before walking around the mall’s new layout.  We kept the purchases to a minimum and left the mall around 3.45pm.

Jill (Mom) lives close to Southcentre and we headed to her house to pick up some supplements that we had pre-delivered.  Our stocks of certain supplements which we both take were running low so it was a timely visit.

Our supper date with another friend (Jane) was scheduled for 5.30pm at Milestones so we left Jill’s around 5.15pm and arrived for supper just before Jane pulled into the carpark.

Jane is a Dental Hygienist (same as Sandra) and Sandra and Jane met whilst taking an advanced training course some years ago.  She is a great girl and we had a really nice chat over the three hours we were at Milestones.  Jane and Sandra will get to spend more time together over the coming seven weeks that Sandra will be in Calgary so they can have some one-on-one time too.

Walking out of the restaurant and in to the very cold night air was a bit surreal because it was still daylight. It doesn’t get dark here until around 10.00pm so it feels like it is late afternoon around 9.00pm.  You have to convince the mind that it is getting late and you really should go to bed.  Strange feeling.

So even though it is twilight outside I am going to finish this blog and convince my body that it is time for bed.

Until tomorrow we wish you all a goodnight/G’day.

Roey and The Princess

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