Stroudsburg, Falls and Indian

After yesterday’s long drive down from Niagara Falls we decided that we deserved a little “lie in” this morning.  This was not a difficult thing to achieve considering the beautiful bed, the magical surroundings and the peace and quiet that surrounded us at Bischwind.

Upon waking we readied ourselves and headed straight down to breakfast – the shower could wait.  This was our first morning here at Bischwind and it was a real treat.  The breakfast surroundings in this magnificently decorated establishment meant that we were continuously looking around.

We were joined at breakfast by a couple from Pennsylvania and we enjoyed swapping stories of our travels to different places in the world.  It was nice to learn about the travels of another couple and to get some great “intel” on the Poconos.

After breakfast we showered and changed and headed out into the grounds surrounding Bischwind to take some photo’s.  However, the sun was a little too high in the sky and this lead to some harsh light and challenging photography.  I guess it is all learning!

Today our aim was to take in the sights of a town called Stroudsburg.  This small town is located near the Delaware Gap and it came to our attention after reading an article in a flying magazine that I get – Pilot Getaways.  Indeed, this is how the Poconos came to our attention and the reason why we are now here.

The drive to Stroudsburg took around 50 minutes – a pleasant drive along some well made country roads and some very large freeways.  Our Nokia GPS kept us on the rails and finding the town was an easy affair.  Love the GPS!!

On driving into the small town’s main street we spotted a Starbuck’s store and quickly found a car park out the back.  Nothing like a morning heart starter and the ambiance of a local town.

After our morning coffee we walked the main street and went found info center.  We took some photo’s however the town was quite small so it did not take too long to capture any of the sites that presented as “photo worthy”.

From the main street of Stroudsburg we drove out to the small airport that was featured in Pilot Getaways magazine.  I love small airports and it was a real treat to drive around this picturesque little place.  There were a couple of very interesting hangars located on the field.  They looked like big clam shells.  The Princess and I just had to take a look at them so we parked the car and walked around for a while.  Some local aviators were happy to share their knowledge about the design of these interesting structures.

We left the rural airport and headed off (with the help of “surfer dude” – our talking GPS) to Dingman’s Falls – about 20 minutes from Stroudsburg.  The information that we had picked up at the tourist information center in Stroudsburg highlighted this lovely little place so we thought we would take in some of the local scenery and capture it on our Canons.

After arriving at the falls area carpark we took a beautiful short walk through the forest to the subtle yet very picturesque falls.  We took quite a few photo’s of the falls and spent some time talking to a couple from Florida.  We took some photo’s for them and their grand daughter took some photo’s of us in front of the falls.  We also used the tripod to take some self portraits with our cameras.

The early evening sun was getting low in the sky just as we left the falls carpark – a sign that is was time to put the cameras away for the day and head back to Bear Creek.

We drove back toward Stroudsburg before joining the highway toward Tannersville.  On the way down to Stroudsburg we passed “The Crossings” premium outlet stores and we decided to check out this huge outlet mall area on our way back “home”.  We spent around an hour meandering in and out of shops and picked up some “bargins” to add to our already “too full” suitcases.

While walking around the outlet area our stomachs let us know that it was time to eat so we headed off in the direction of Tannersville in search of a place to eat.  After a very short distance we found an Indian restaurant called the Tandoor Palace.  This “not so interesting from the outside” restaurant served excellent food and our table was located inside an old train carriage.  The family dining next to us (from New York) were interesting to talk to over dinner – a very pleasant evening indeed.

We were still some distance from Bear Creek so this meant a late evening drive back to our “digs” at Bischwind. “Surfer dude” came in very handy and guided us back with expert precision.  We are becoming very big fans of GPS technology for our road trips!!

What a great day out – photography, falls, aviation, some retail therapy and some great Indian food to finish it all off.  Happy holiday makers!

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