Styling Up After Going For It

What do you say about a conference that is about a company that is not yet three years old, has broken business records internationally, has a CEO that has been recognised as the top CEO under 40 (on the 40 under 40 list), is debt free, has revolutionised the delivery of health and wellness products and that will be a billion dollar company within a year??  Well, let me say that whatever I would say about this company would not truly do it justice.  It is very special and Sandra and I are very lucky to be a part of it.

The outcomes from today’s presentations were incredible and we feel very empowered with great business building knowledge that we can implement now.
Our very exciting news for the day was that were among five people to be drawn out (of a 2000 strong participant group) for a prize.  The prize?… full coverage of our hotel and meal expenses for this year’s Agel World conference in September.  The conference is held in Salt Lake City, Utah (the location of the company’s headquarters) – we attended it in October of 2007.  Winning this prize was a great surprise and it will be great to have some of our expenses covered!!

Today’s session finished at 6.00pm because an 80’s fancy dress party was held between 8.00pm and 10.00pm in the convention room.  We did not bring any fancy dress with us so we tracked down a costume shop and went there to pick up some attire.  We had a lot of fun picking the 80’s costumes and even more fun wearing them to the party.  I can’t believe the fashions of the 80’s!! – I am sure that you can say that about any decade’s fashion.

Looking the part at a fashion party makes the whole evening so much better and we had a fantastic time dancing to the music of the 80’s and immersing ourselves in the 80’s culture for a couple of hours.  I am sure you will agree that we “fit the part”.

We “extended” our evening until around midnight – catching up with people from around the globe with the aim of learning more about their business’ and their markets.  The fellowship of Agel is great – people are dedicated to helping others to achieve their maximum in this business.  Great stuff.

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