Sun at altitude, Nick’s hospitality, Moxies at the Mall, Home before sunset

My body must know that it is returning to Hong Kong next week because it is determined to get out of bed earlier each morning.  Not a bad thing if I am to adopt a normal working day routine when I get back.

We showered and prepared for the day with a light but tasty breakfast in our room before leaving the hotel around 11.30am.

Today we were meeting up with John and Vicky for lunch at Nick’s around 12.45pm so we needed to get out of the hotel a bit earlier.

We walked out into a beautiful Calgary day.  The sun was out, the temperature was cool and the wind was light.  Just what we came to experience here in Alberta!

Of course the day started with an early afternoon caffeine injection courtesy of Starbucks and then we drove north toward Nick’s for lunch.  Nick’s is located north of the city of Calgary – very close to the University of Calgary.  Nick’s is a bit of an iconic restaurant in these parts and today we were met and seated by Nick himself!  His warm and friendly welcome made us feel like we were joining our grandfather for lunch – very rare service these days.

John and Vicky joined us after a short time and we spent just over two hours catching up with the news from Hong Kong and Calgary.  We had not seen John and Vicky for almost two years so it was great to be able to hear about their children, their business and travel and the book that Vicky is writing. The time past too quickly and we said our goodbyes around 3.00pm.

Market Mall is a short drive from Nick’s and this was our next destination.  We had arranged to catch up with Brad (Sandra’s ex-husband and financial planner) at Moxie’s at 4.00pm for a catch-up.  Brad arrived shortly after we were seated and we all enjoyed a few drinks and a couple of hours of conversation about life, the universe and the global economy!

I am glad that Brad and The Princess remain in contact – it is a great example of how two individual’s can work through differences and still respect each other.  I know that both of them have learned a lot about themselves over the past few years and it was nice to hear them share their stories of personal growth.

We left the mall around 7.00pm and returned to our hotel after a short stop at Safeways – we needed to pickup some fruit, juice and milk for breakfast.

We arrived back in our room around 8.00pm (the earliest evening for about a week) and spent a lazy evening reading, resting and not trying to achieve anything – BEING.

Our heads sunk into the pillows around 11.30pm – just as the sun was going down (almost true).

Fun in the sun at 3438’ (Calgary’s altitude) and a day of catching up with great friends.

We hope that your own little piece of the planet is bathed in sun, clean air and happiness.  Goodnight and G’day.

Roey and The Princess

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