Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Hills, Walk of Fame

Today started a little earlier that we had planned – a bit of time difference effect.  However, we did manage around 4-5 hours sleep in what was a very comfortable bed.

A typically huge breakfast was on offer in the restaurant when we went down to eat.  I am pleased to say that we restrained ourselves and didn’t deplete the buffet too much.  The service was great and the “people watching” was interesting – botox, huge bellies and lots of Blackberries!

We checked out of the hotel around 10.00 and took a private shuttle service to our B&B in Hollywood.  The driver (David) was an immigrant from El Salvador and he was a great source for history and local sightseeing.

The drive to our abode for the next two nights took around 40 mins and when we arrived at Hollywood Bed and Breakfast  we were met by our host Nina.  Nina gave us a wonderful tour of the fascinating house and we were able to check in early.  Nina and her husband, William are collectors of all things interesting and quirky and they have tastefully decorated the early 1900’s house with the many things that they have collected over the years.  Looking around the house is like being in a museum or art gallery.  We will post some photo’s for you to take a look at and you can check out the website link above too.

After a short “unpack” we collected our things and headed off in the direction of Sunset Blvd.  The area we are staying in backs onto Hollywood Hills and the real estate around here is lovely.

We walked down one of the tree lined streets that joins Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd and ran into a “star” within the first 5 mins.  I didn’t recognise the guy (William Macy) but the Princess remembered him from the movie Fargo She was rather excited but to me he was just another person in the street.

We continued our walk and headed for the nearest coffee shop (Starbucks) for an injection of caffeine – the time difference was kicking in.

The natural stimulant kicked in and kept us going for our walk down Sunset Blvd.  Sunset Blvd is home to the various movie industry guilds, music shops  that date back to the 1920’s and some great places to eat. The weather was perfect for walking (around 21 degrees C and sun, sun, sun).

We took in lunch at the Aroma Cafe and ordered what we thought would be a light lunch – salads.  Well, we could have ordered a single side salad and it would still have been too much.  The serving sizes were incredible and even after filling up on the beautiful food it looked like we had barely touched the plate!!  Suffice to say – we won’t be ordering two meals again.  We will share big time.  No wonder some of the locals are rather large (understatement).

In an attempt to walk off lunch we continued walking along Sunset before heading back to Hollywood Blvd and the famous “strip”.  We started at the Western end of the Walk of Fame and took in some of the 2000 plus names of stars whose plaques appear on the street.  After a while we tuned out to looking down and took in some of the more interesting sights and sounds along the strip.

The afternoon was warming up so we took refuge inside some of

the shops and buildings along the Boulevard.  We took plenty of photo’s along the way and just enjoyed looking at the facades of the many theaters and well known landmarks along the way.  The area is actually pretty “sleazy” to be honest and after a couple of hours we were ready to head for “home”.

A short stop at the new shopping mall allowed us to take the compulsory photo(s) of the Hollywood Sign and more intimate photo’s of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

We took some very pretty back streets on the walk back to the B&B – a refreshing change to the pace and commercialism of Hollywood Blvd.  The residential areas around here are worth a look and we enjoyed the opportunity to take some photo’s in the softer afternoon light.

The time difference and the long walk in the heat of the Southern Californian sun meant that we were well and truly exhausted by the time we returned to the room.  We used some of the softer light o take a few photo’s around the B&B before collapsing on the incredibly comfortable bed.  The pillows “ate”  my head and we were off to dreamland in no time.

Now Roey thought that this was the end of proceedings for the day but, not so the Princess.  My darling’s stomach was not content with the American delights that it had taken in during the day so, at 11.00pm she bounced on the bed, woke her Roey out of his stupor and proceeded to tell him that she needed to eat.  Roey’s suggestion of the sole remaining banana didn’t cut it so, he “bounced” out of bed, changed and set off with his Princess in the direction of Sunset Blvd.

Now whilst Roey was initially not happy with the concept of a late night snack he did enjoy the beautiful crisp temperature and cloudless sky.

We headed for a very famous grill called Greenblatts Deli .  This place has been open since the 1920’s and the ambience was wonderful (particularly at 11.30pm).  The food looked awesome but we were only up for a night snack (and it was still too big).  We shared this time so we didn’t leave feeling like little porkers.  The Princess was happy, Roey was awake and it was time to head back to the B&B.

So, as I write this it is close to 2.00am Pacific Time (PST) and we are ready to return to our comfy bed.  We are going to try to convince our bodies that they really should sleep for at least 5 hours.

Tomorrow (today actually) we plan to take in more of the Hollywood area and we will update you at some crazy hour (for us).

Roey and The Princess

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