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I am writing this onboard Air Canada flight AC 217 from Calgary to Vancouver.  The aircraft is an Embraer 190 – a small commercial jet built by the Brazilians.

I am flying staff travel (standby) and I the listing and check-in went smoothly.  With the economic downturn affecting airlines around the world it is a good time to travel standby.  The flights are not particularly full and upgrades seem to be commonplace (at least in North America).  I am did not get an upgrade for the one hour flight to Vancouver but I have an empty seat beside me so no complaints.

Mental picture – as we climb out over the Rockies the sun is beaming down on the snow capped mountains and reflecting off the blue lakes dotted in the mountain ranges.  Very beautiful.

My Princess remained in Calgary with Jill (Mom) – she will be spending the next 6 weeks in Calgary.  I have mixed emotions about leaving my Princess.  On one hand I am really pleased that she will get to spend summer (northern hemisphere) with her family and friends on the other hand I know I will be lonely.  My travel partner and soulmate will be a long way from home – the first time we have been apart for 18 months.  The selection of bears will have to rise to the challenge back in Hong Kong.

I will be spending the night in Vancouver with our great friend Gary.  Gary moved from Calgary to Vancouver about two years ago and he has just moved into the second place he has purchased in Vancouver. He is a great guy and I am looking forward to enjoying a feed of King Crab and some red wine with Cory (a name he has inherited from me).

Gary lives quite close to the US/Canada border in a small seaside village called White Rock.  White Rock is a very pretty little place and it is a real haven for the locals.  No doubt it will be busy on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.  The temperature in Vancouver should be around mid-20’s (Celsius).

I will cease writing this for now and enjoy the smooth flight across the beautiful Rockies (albeit that there is quite a bit of cloud cover now).  I will aim to finish the blog later today but with a handful of King Crab and a glass of red wine I might be otherwise occupied.  I will see how I go.

I arrived in Vancouver on time and exited the airport around 3.15pm to a bright sunny day.  Gary and Leah pulled up around 10 minutes after I walked outside and we headed off for the White Rock area.

We were going to have a light lunch in a little village called Crescent Beach but the restaurant that Gary wanted to eat at was closed so we decided to change the plan and purchase some “nibblies” at M&M’s instead.

We returned home to Gary’s new townhouse in White Rock and Leah proceeded to heat up the M&M delights.  After checking out Gary’s pad we settled into some nice red wine, M&M delights and some good old fashion catch up talking.

The afternoon rolled into the evening and the red wine continued to flow.  We also blended the “nibblies” into supper (King Crab and Steak) and managed talked into the night.

Bed was a welcome sight around 11.30pm and I didn’t move once falling asleep on the pillow.  Mmmmmmmmm.

G’day and Goodnight.

Roey (Vancouver) and The Princess (Calgary)

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