The Making Of Gel

Mmmmm.  Setting an alarm without turning up the volume on the alarm is not a good thing if you like eating breakfast!!  Bed was so comfy that we slept in past the silent alarm but thankfully woke up with an hour to go before our tour commenced!!

A quick shower, shave and iron of the clothes had us out of the door in no time and we even had time for a Starbucks before tracking down the bus for the AGEL factory tour.

We found where we were supposed to be and jumped on the bus as it was about to leave (we were the last two!).  We were not able to sit together however, it was nice to meet some new faces (one guy from Israel and one from Wales).

The purpose of the tour was to have a look at the AGEL corporate offices and the manufacturing plant in Provo (just south of SLC).  Our tour guide was Zac Bradley (the son of the company President).  Zac is a lovely guy and he was a great tour guide.

The first stop on the tour was the new headquarters site (foundations are laid and building will be complete for next year’s Agel World).  The new HQ is being built in a new area between SLC and Provo and it will be some HQ when it is complete.

After taking some photo’s of the “block of dirt” we headed for the current HQ to meet and greet some of the staff and corporate managers.

What a fantastic experience.  We were able to chat to many of the team and even met Glen Jensen’s mum (the head of HR).  What a lovely lady.  5 children, 22 grand-children (and I thought the Catholics were bad) and just a lovely person.  The call her AGEL Mom!!

The office was completely open so we were able to tour the various offices and talk to those that were present.  It felt like one big family – fantastic people.

After an hour or so at the HQ we headed for the manufacturing plant to see how the AGEL products are made and to listen to presentations by the President of the company the does the research, manufacturing and packaging of the Agel products.  This was a great tour and some outstanding questions were asked and answered.  Some great news for our team members when we catch up with you all.

The trip back to SLC took around 45 minutes after which we headed for the Salt Palace convention centre to register and pick up our Agel “goodies” pack.  This early registration will save the crazy cram tomorrow morning.

After the registration we tried to track down Diane (The Princess’ sister) but she must have been out touring around so we went for a very nice lunch (didn’t have breakfast due to sleeping in!).

Now back at the hotel for a quick break before catching up with our team for dinner (more eating!!).

Day 5 not over yet but we probably won’t have time to blog later on tonight.

Hope you are all well wherever you are reading this in the world.

Actually, we have had a quick moment to fill in this afternoon’s activities.  After a short break we went out for dinner with some of our team from Calgary.
It was nice to catch up with them all again.  A lovely dinner and some great conversation.

On the way back to the hotel The Princess took a happy snap of the very impressive Mormon temple here in the city.  Enjoy the photo’s.

More to follow in the coming days if we get some tim e between conference activities.


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