Time zone mind confusion. Departing the US from Canada. Red Rock supper

Even though I was still rather tired, I think the long sleep in yesterday must have taken its toll on my body clock because I didn’t sleep well last night.

The Princess had a good night’s rest but I seemed to toss and turn throughout the night – a sure sign of my body clock being in Hong Kong and my body in Calgary.  Needless to say I didn’t bounce out of bed.

We dined in the room for breakfast.  The Princess had accumulated a range of supplies over the previous six weeks so we made the most of the variety of food (cereal, fruit, yoghurt and milk) and ate “in”.

Perhaps one of the reasons for my lack of sleep can be attributed to my mind thinking about whether I “checked out” of the USA when I departed from San Francisco.  My early morning (2.00am I think) thoughts were confirmed when I looked in my passport and realised that the US Departure Card was still stapled onto one of the blank pages.  So what is the problem?  Well, if one doesn’t have a record of one’s departure from the USA then one may have a big problem getting back into the place in the future (indeed it says as much on the card).

Now, whilst I was able to stay in the US for 3 months I still needed to “leave” according to the official records.  With this in mind The Princess and I decided that we would call the US Consulate in Calgary and find out what I needed to do.  Problem 1 – you cannot speak to anyone there – synthetic voice only.  So, we decided to get ourselves prepared for the day and pay a visit to the US Consulate.  Problem 2 – finding the place (regardless of having the address) is like finding a needle in a haystack.  The US Consulate in Calgary does not want to be bothered with visitors!

However, we persisted and eventually arrived at the nondescript building downtown only to be told that the consulate is only open from 0800-1130 (it was around 1.30pm).  I guess they are not too busy in Calgary.  I decided that I would return first thing tomorrow morning.

We headed back toward the area we are staying in and had a bite to eat before returning to the hotel and getting ready to go out for supper.

We had a 6.00pm dinner appointment with Shae-Lyn and Darcy at the Redwater Grille.  Shae-Lyn’s sister (Tera) and her partner (Rick) also joined us for supper – a wonderful meal washed down with some Canadian red wine.

I had purchased a remote control off-road buggy for Darcy and carried it to Calgary with me.  Darcy was like a kid in a candy shop when I gave him his new toy (before supper) – I am sure he will “find his six-year old” when he takes it out for a run!

We finished up supper around 10.30pm and returned to the hotel tired, well fed and ready for a sleep!

Until tomorrow’s blog, take care, sleep tight (if you are ready for bed) and smile!

Roey and The Princess

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