Toronto – Niagara Falls

We were not in a hurry to get going this morning – particularly after a late end to the time we spent with Barb, Victor and their two beautiful girls.

We left the hotel around 11.00 and  drove back through the city but only after picking up the compulsory Starbucks morning heart starter!

The traffic heading south was rather chaotic.  It was a Sunday and it is a big city however, we didn’t expect it to be as busy as it was.  The estimated drive time to Niagara falls was around one and a half hours however we soon came to the realisation that this was not going to be the case today.   It seemed that most of Toronto was heading for Niagara Falls.  This seemingly mass exodus and the large number of roadwork spots made for a slow trip.  Having said that, there were quite a few “boy racers” out in their low flying Japanese sports cars and they were in a hurry to get somewhere.  They ignored the very low speed limits and drove like they were filming a car chase in a Hollywood movie!  If the three to four lanes were not enough then the service lanes were negotiated at speeds that denied belief.

After about 3 hours we arrived in Niagara Falls, ON.  Barb and Victor had recommended that we stay on the Canadian side of the falls so we booked a room online at the Days Inn.  It was a good choice.  The room was well appointed and close to everything that we came to see and experience

After sorting ourselves out and changing into something more comfortable we, grabbed some camera gear and went in search of some the Falls.  Finding the access steps down to the falls was not as easy as one would expect given that this is a tourist haven.  However, we persisted, and arrived on the promenade as the light was starting to fade – not a bad thing for photography.

We took a lot of photo’s of the incredible falls and took in the wonderful atmosphere of this natural wonder.  The temperature was perfect for walking along the top of the cliffs that the Niagara River has made of the years.

We did not take the tripod on the first outing in Niagara so as the light faded we called it quits for the photography and started the walk back to the motel.

The walk back took us through the very “tourist centric” area of Niagara Falls – an area that is set up for all things “touristy” and not a place we had any desire to spend time in.  In short is was “cheap and cheesy” and it didn’t appeal to our senses.

However, we did find a wonderful Mexican “cantina” on the trip back to the hotel and we opted to dine in this wonderful little place before returning to the motel.  The food was excellent, the paintings on the walls were worth photographing and the hostess was a lovely elderly lady that made our evening dining experience a lot of fun.

Our late’ish supper was “walked off” during the stroll back to the motel and after unpacking our camera gear we dropped into the very comfortable bed around 11.00pm.  A very nice first day in Niagara Falls.

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