Vancouver – Running and Kayaking

Despite an “extended” evening of King Crab and red wine (superbly prepared by Gary and Leah), I woke up this morning quite early (at least for Vancouver residents it appeared) and went for a 10k run around White Rock.  A very “foggy” Gary gave me instructions on how to negotiate the roads and footpaths en route and I set off in search of the Semihoo Forest

I ran up to the urban forest (a part of the Semiahoo Trail) and ran around the “Chickadee Trail”.  What a beautiful place to in.  The small forest is full of wildlife and I stopped at one point to watch a woodpecker working hard to make a dent in a tree. This was my first “up close and personal” with this fascinating little bird and I was most impressed.  He spotted me watching him and seemed to get embarrassed so he moved around to the back of the tree after stopping and looking at me. It was quite funny.

After becoming “geographically confused” toward the end of my run, I arrived back at Gary’s place only to find the place empty.  Gary (or Cory as I call him), had taken Leah to work and was stuck in traffic – it reminded me of one of the joys of living in Hong Kong (no car!).  I took time to cool down before settling into a nice coffee and some breakfast.

After Cory returned he suggested that we load up the kayak and head for some paddling around Crescent Beach.  Not one to argue, I lathered up with some sun block, donned some paddling gear and headed downstairs to load the Delta Kayak on to Cory’s “fully fitted with Thule gear” Ford truck.

After a short drive we arrived at the beach and unloaded the boat.  I donned the lifejacket, slipped into the seat and set off in search of some wildlife.  The water was smooth and the temperature (air temperature) was warm so it made for perfect paddling conditions.  The boat paddles very nicely and it was a lot of fun skimming over the waters of Mud Bay.  Gory and I took turns with the boat and enjoyed a few paddles around the pier area.  At one point Gory was able to get up close to a baby seal that appeared to have lost its mum – very cool.  I compiled this video of the “adventure” for you to take a look at.

After a morning of exercise I was ready for a nice lunch so we dropped the kayak off back at Cory’s place and drove down to White Rock for some lunch at the “Charlie Don’t Surf” restaurant located on Marine Drive.  We started off eating out in the sun but it was a very warm day so we “retired” to the shade.  The food and service was great and it was nice to stop for a while and enjoy the afternoon warmth.

After a morning of activity and a lunch in the sun I was ready for an afternoon nap so we went back to Cory’s place and I enjoyed an LLD (little lie down) for about an hour.  In reality it was a “Time Zone Change” morphing session.

On rising from my nap my body needed a caffeine injection so I convinced Cory to walk with me to the nearest Starbucks (not so near) and get some fresh air.  We also took the opportunity to purchase some red wine for supper.  I bought some wine from Canada’s BC wine region – nothing like supporting the country’s coffers!

Given that we had eaten a rather large lunch (and quite a late one) we opted for a light supper to accompany the wine.  We kicked back on the couch and shared our day’s adventures with Leah and spent what seemed like (it was – a 0200 finish) quite a while talking about philosophy.  The BC wine must have been more potent than the label suggested!

A great day of activity, food and friendship.  Gotta love Vancouver at Cory’s place.

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