Who’s Jim Thorpe

This morning we rose nice and early because we wanted to capture some of the beautiful sights around the immediate environs surrounding Bischwind.  The morning light is soft and this has a big impact on photography.  I guess we will become early risers if we want to make the most of this special time of the day.

After our early morning “happy snapping” session we returned to the dining room in this most beautiful establishment and sampled the delights of Billi’s cooking.  We sat at a different table this morning- making the most of the different settings and outlooks.

I decided to have a shave this morning (getting a bit “wooly”) so, after a delightfully long shower and a slow “get ready” we departed for our day out.

Our plan for today was to take in the sights of a nearby town called Jim Thorpe.  This historic town, located south of Wilkes-Barre, was renamed after one of the USA’s most successful Olympic athletes.  It was also the site of the legendary “Molly Maguires“.

The drive south to Jim Thorpe took around 40 minutes.  The American freeway system is extensive and a joy to drive on.  It makes for safe and efficient travel in these parts!  Nearing Jim Thorpe we left the main highway and followed a beautiful country road down through small mountain passes and past the changing deciduous trees that the east coast of the US is so well known for.  A beautiful drive indeed.

Being a weekday meant that we were able to find a parking spot quite easily – the town would be rather crowded during peak times!  We paid a quick visit to the tourist information center (located in the old train station) before setting off for a walk along the streets of this “lost in time” town.

The town was the site of the 1970′s movie that was made about the Molly Maguires (starring Sean Connery) and this lead to a quite a few dollars pouring into the town for renovation pre the movie being shot.  The end result is a picturesque streetscape that depicts the era of the Molly Maguires

The walk along the streets was very peaceful (this place is a sleepy little hollow) and there were many photo’ opportunities.  The variety of colours on the original old houses, the sunflowers and the antique “bric and brac” that adorned front yards and porches provided some great “some shot” options.

Located on one of the back streets was a small wine cellar.  The cellar featured local wines that were produced in the Poconos and The Princess and I were rather taken with one of the blueberry wines that we tasted.  In fact, we were so impressed with it that we purchased several bottles of this sweet wine.

Before leaving the town we purchased some take away rolls and coffee and drove a short distance to a very interesting named local lake – Mauch Chunk Lake Park.  Sitting beside the lake and watching people fish and kayak was a very pleasant way to pass a couple of hours.  Indeed, it was so relaxing that we took some time to have a short sleep!  Ah, holidays in summer.

We drove back to Bear Creek via  a small town called Hazleton – another “lost in time” Poconos township.  As we neared the Bischwind B&B we took a back road to a local lake called Crystal Lake – a peaceful place on a quite Wednesday afternoon.

The Princess’ had her “mastermind” conference call this evening so I opted to take some late afternoon/early evening shots of the house exterior and the Bear Creek lake – located on the grounds of the Bischwind B&B.  This beautiful little lake provides a wonderful backdrop for late afternoon photo’s and it was a very pleasant experience indeed!

We opted to eat some of the left over take away that we had in the fridge for supper.  Of course, we washed it down with some lovely red wine.  The wine and the day’s exercise meant that we fell to sleep rather quickly when we lay down.

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