Yodeling one more time, crossing the state line, “There’s gold in thum thar hills”

Our last morning in SLT was a lazy one.  Whilst we didn’t rise too early (around 8.30am) we didn’t rush to check out and get on the road either.  In fact, we succumb to the call of the Swiss and returned to Heidi’s for another light breakfast.  Now we don’t want you getting the wrong idea about Heidi’s – like it must be great food and/or service.  No, it is actually neither – it just happens to be convenient.

From Heidi’s we drove about 150 metres before stopping – we really commit to the road trip once we get started huh?.  Well, we were really good over breakfast and did not have any coffee so we needed our morning caffeine fix.  We also knew that there was not going to be another coffee shop along the way to Reno so we pulled into the Alpen Sierra Coffee Co just down the road from The Lodge.

The co-owner of the ASC was a very chatty lady and wanted to know all about my accent, how we came to be living in Hong Kong and a variety of other questions.  She was a nice lady and I enjoyed talking to her.  The Princess remained in the car and wondered why I took so long.  I told her about the Spanish Inquisition that I went through to get my coffee and she laughed.

With hot coffee in hand we pulled onto Hwy 50 and headed East toward Carson City.  The drive through the mountains was very picturesque but didn’t take too long (around 45 mins).  Coming off the mountain pass the valley in which Carson City is located is like an oasis in what is otherwise a featureless desert landscape.

Heavy rain started to fall as we entered Carson City so we didn’t stop in the town.  In fact we continued on Hwy 50 then Hwy 341 toward Virginia City.

If you look at the website I just listed for Virginia City you will see they talk about “stepping back in time”.  Well, they are spot on.  Apart from the modern cars lining the streets this place has been preserved in the era it was built.  The drive through Silver City and Gold Hill was like driving into the past.  We felt like Michael J. Fox in “Back To The Future”.

It was still raining when we found a parking spot in Virginia City (don’t place too much emphasis on the “City” part of the town’s name).  However, the rain let up enough for us to wander the main street and enter some of the many original saloons and buildings and view the many artifacts that adorn the walls of these establishments.  Fascinating stuff but some of the shops were a little too “touristy” for our liking.  Still, it was worth the visit and we are glad we took the back road to Reno.

After an hour or so we returned to the road and made the short (around 30 mins) drive to Reno.  Again, the mountain and distant views were very pretty albeit that we drove through some hail en-route.

My trusty navigator talked me through the directions to the airport and we arrived at the Best Western – Reno Airport.  We booked the room earlier in the day so the check-in was efficient and we placed most of our belongings in the room before getting directions to a nearby mall in order to have a late lunch.

The mall was a huge place with few people in it (we are too accustom to Hong Kong) so we found a place to eat and sat in one of the many seats available.

We took some time to look around the mall after lunch before heading back to the hotel.

Because we are flying out early tomorrow morning I returned the car to Avis before walking the short distance (literally across the road) back to the hotel to help The Princess re-organised our bags for tomorrow’s flight.

We are listed on the 7.40am flight out of Reno to Calgary (via Denver) so we will have to be up around 4.30am to get ready and check-in by 6.00am. I am sure we will have some sleep on the plane on the way to Denver and again from Denver to Calgary.

It is now approaching 10.30pm and we need to get into bed so we bid you all a goodnight and/or G’day and look forward to updating you with our travel stories from tomorrow’s adventures.

Roey and The Princess

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