Cboe has a business relationship with Standard & Poor’s on the BXY. Cboe® and Cboe Options Exchange® are registered trademarks of the Cboe, and BXM and BXY are servicemarks of Cboe. The methodology of the Cboe S&P 500 2% OTM BuyWrite Index is owned by Cboe and may be covered by one or more patents or pending patent applications.

Having any amount of BXY will get you rights to participate in all community polls and surveys that will most likely be conducted through our Discord channel. We plan to remain open minded about feedback and routinely tap into the community to collect useful information on the best ways we can improve Beaxy and continue moving forward. Get the latest crypto news, updates, and reports by subscribing to our free newsletter.

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The methodologies of the Indexes are the property of Cboe Options Exchange (Cboe). The Cboe S&P 500 2% OTM BuyWrite Index ( is designed to represent a hypothetical buy-write strategy. Like many passive indexes, the BXY Index does not take into account significant factors such as transaction costs and taxes and, because of factors such as these, many or most investors should be expected to underperform passive indexes. Investors attempting to replicate the BXM Index should discuss with their brokers possible timing and liquidity issues.

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On the first of each month, the Pending Balance will be credited to your account. We then need to know the total amount of commission collected for that day as well. Let’s say Beaxy collected $1 million in commission that day, bxy to make this simple. This option is only for qualified account holders in approved jurisdictions, as the Loyalty Program is not accessible in jurisdictions that are considered to have any sort of regulatory uncertainty.

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bxy Financial Network, Lakeshore Wealth Strategies and other listed entities are not affiliated with HTK unless otherwise noted. HTK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. Insurance transfers the financial risk of life’s events to an insurance company.

The Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF (HSPX) seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the CBOE S&P 500 2% OTM BuyWrite Index (BXY Index). Holders will receive a proportionate share of up to 25% of the monthly transaction fees collected by the Beaxy Exchange according to the number of PLS tokens held.

The BXM, BXD, BXN, BXY, CLL and PUT indices (the “Indexes”) are designed to represent proposed hypothetical options strategies. The actual performance of investment vehicles such as mutual funds or managed accounts can have significant differences from the performance of the Indexes. Investors attempting to replicate the Indexes should discuss with their advisors possible timing and liquidity issues.

Investors should consult their tax advisor as to how taxes affect the outcome of contemplated options transactions. Backtested performance information is purely hypothetical and is provided in this web page solely for informational purposes. Back-tested performance does not represent actual performance and should not be interpreted as an indication of actual performance. Supporting documentation for any claims, comparisons, statistics or other technical data is available from Cboe upon request.

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  • The Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF (HSPX) seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the CBOE S&P 500 2% OTM BuyWrite Index (BXY Index).
  • While the fund receives premiums for writing the call options, the price it realizes from the exercise of an option could be substantially below the indices current market price.
  • By selling covered call options, the fund limits its opportunity to profit from an increase in the price of the underlying index above the exercise price, but continues to bear the risk of a decline in the index.
  • HSPX writes covered call index options on the S&P 500 Index.
  • Holders will receive a proportionate share of up to 25% of the monthly transaction fees collected by the Beaxy Exchange according to the number of PLS tokens held.
  • A liquid market may not exist for options held by the fund.

One measure of risk-adjusted returns, the Sortino Ratio, was 0.90 for the PUT Index, 0.75 for BXY, 0.71 for BXM, 0.50 for S&P 500, and 0.31 for CLL Index (Exhibits 10 and 11). Please note that all the indexes had negative skewness.

Investors recently have allocated more than $20 billion in at least 40 buy-write funds. BXY is an exchange utility token that powers the Beaxy Exchange platform.

Spreadsheets With Historical Price Data For Select Indices

You will receive an email with instructions for how to confirm your email address in a few minutes. You will receive an email bxy with instructions on how to reset your password in a few minutes. Get crypto analysis, news and updates, right to your inbox!

Beaxy provides the best tools, information, and data analytics to be the platform of choice for institutional/retail traders, crypto communities, and experts. Bob Bockel is a Registered Representative of, and Securities and Investment Advisory Services are offered through Hornor, Townsend & Kent, LLC (HTK). 8770 West Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL, 60631, .

Transaction costs and taxes for a buy-write strategy such as the BXY could be significantly higher than transaction costs for a passive strategy of buying-and-holding stocks. Standard & Poor’s®, S&P®, S&P 500®, and SPX® are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services, LLC, and have been licensed for use by Cboe Exchange, Inc. Cboe, not S&P, calculates and disseminates the BXY Index.

It can be used to increase user levels, reduce fees, and access new tools & features. Buy crypto in seconds and enjoy the some lowest trading fees available. SAVE 50% Binance could save you 50% or more on trading fees. The premiums and discounts for funds with significant holdings in international markets may be less accurate due to the different closing times of various international markets. Because the Funds trade during U.S. market hours while the underlying securities may not, the time lapse between the markets can result in differences between the NAV and the trading price.


Fund returns (NAV & Closing Price) presented above reflect the performance of the predecessor Fund through December 21, 2018. Let’s also assume there are 10 million locked bxy tokens across all accounts on Beaxy, so there will be 10 million PLS tokens in circulation.


The Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF (HSPX) follows a “covered call” or “buy-write” strategy, in which the Fund buys the stocks in the S&P 500 Index and “writes” or “sells” corresponding call options on the same index. Let’s say you lock 100K BXY tokens for 6 months, which means you will receive 100K PLS tokens. You may have seen some items from our “Swag Packs” circulating around the web — which were sent out as early promotional items — but don’t worry! You will be able to get your hands on some Beaxy swag as well.

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