Online Dating: It Works!

Dating in black culture used to start with meeting the girl, maybe in school or at the library. If you’re older maybe you would meet someone at work or the grocery store. After that first meeting you would exchange phone numbers, talk on the phone a few times and set up that first date. You might go to the movies or a nice restaurant and you get to know the person you are dating. My how things have changed!

These Web sites you can create a profile that will outline your interest and wants your personal statistics, to take pictures, and you can see the profiles of other users. Women can also use online dating for black singles service with black men. This form of online networking is a great way to meet new people and start slowly in your quest to be a man in your life. It is very convenient and does not require your presence at all times.

The ONLY one (1) thing our Founding Parents Fought & Died to give us was to be FREE. Our Founding Parents wanted for us their Founding Children, to be the exact opposite of the Slaves they knew were not FREE.

Dating for black people

Growing up in a litter of five, my sister and I were the only children of color. In fact, my sister was the only other black face I’d ever seen until I was in my late teens. My mother was a small, lily-white woman with dark hair and big brown eyes. Sadly, she was also a spiteful and uneducated racist with a keen hatred for black music, black art, and My mother had many rules of the house. One of those rules was absolutely no music-especially black music-in the home or on the car radio. On the rare occasions that I broke the rule, my mother would come stampeding into the living room and stare directly into my child eyes.

My initial thought demonstrates to me that I probably have some issues of my own deep down inside. Fortunately, I quickly put myself in check. But I had thought this none the less. Ironically, if you ask those who are close to me they will tell you that I probably do not have a prejudiced bone in my body. But obviously, this was a failing moment that hit close to home.

Yet we are standing by and allowing the people who say they want to represent US, fight about the color of someone’s skin or comments made by a man that had lived through the torment that blacks went through. He has been called a “nigger” more times that he can count. Would that make you angry?

Once you have a free account just head over to the search engine. You can select ethnicity as your criteria. In seconds you will have thousands of profiles in your local area of black members. You can add them to your friend list or send them messages.

Martin Luther King Jr. will never be forgotten. America will always remember the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. Every third Monday in January we celebrate his birthday and honor his accomplishments. Martin Luther King Jr. day is the first national holiday to honor a black American. Whether we are black or white Dr. King’s legacy lives on in all of us as we strive for the American dream.

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