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Chillin’ Over Coffee

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Today’s conference session was quite short – the conference concluded around lunchtime.  The final pieces of the “puzzle” were put in place and we all departed with a completely different outlook on the way forward with our business.

We shared lunch with some of our business partners at another one of the funky restaurants lining the streets of Austin then headed back to the costume shop to drop off the costumes that we had rented for the 80’s party.

We met a wonderful couple here over the weekend – Rafael and Jasmine.  Rafael is a doctor from Laredo, Texas and he and his wife a lovely people.  They are an example of the people that are a part of Agel.  People who know that they are a part of something very special and people willing to work with others to help them achieve their maximum.

Rafael and Jasmine drove us to/from the costume shop before they departed on their 4 hour drive to Laredo.  It was great to be able to spend some more time with them.

After returning to the hotel we caught up with Diane (Sandra’s sister) before she flew out for Calgary.  She had a 12 hour!! layover in Houston on her return – yuck!!  She was returning to Calgary’s -43 degree weather so she probably didn’t mind a few extra hours in Texas.

After saying goodbye to Diane we went back to a very unique little coffee shop that we had found a couple of days before.  We met up with some of our team there and spent a few hours catching up on emails and immersing ourselves in training.

The training continued into the night as we all went out for dinner together too.  The outcomes from this training were and will continue to be very powerful for us and the business partners that spent time with us yesterday.  We will all be moving forward with a significant amount of momentum – great stuff.

We managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour after starting our packing for the flight to Amsterdam tomorrow.

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History, Culture and Turks

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Day 3 of the conference started much the same however, we had to check out of the room this morning.  This meant packing up our bags and dropping them at reception for safe keeping for the day.

After a hearty breakfast we walked back to the conference centre for a shorter (half day) session.  This session was held in a smaller room because they assumed that most people would have left after Day 2.  As it turned out they underestimated the commitment of the attendees so the room was overflowing (I stood up for quite a bit of the morning).  One of the top leaders in the company (Randy Schroeder) presented by himself this morning – a personal training session.  He is an outstanding trainer – a very humble and unassuming man that is passionate about helping others achieve greatness.  What a way to start your day!!

The session with Randy finished around 1.00pm so we headed out into the cool temperatures and walked back to the hotel.

Having checked out before we left for the conference centre we only had to arrange for a taxi for the trip to the “new” hotel over in the Old City – we booked this online last night.

While waiting for the taxi we met a lovely Greek lady and an Israeli businessman.  We talked about a variety of things and both of them were interested in receiving information about Agel.  Great stuff.

The taxi ride over to the Prince Hotel was quite interesting.  The young driver really didn’t know where to go but after much stopping and starting (to ask for directions) we finally arrived unscathed.  The “agreed” price was paid although I think he would have been happy with half the price – he was rather embarrassed.

The Prince Hotel staff were exceptional at the check-in (somewhat different to the first hotel) and, after a quick change of rooms (the first one was a smoking room) we settled in to a newly renovated room on the first floor.  The rate included free internet so we quickly got online and “captured the moment” by following up the variety of people that we met over the past few days.  We ask the new prospects to visit our site so

they can preview the Agel opportunity.  This site is a fantastic way of introducing people to the business.  After they preview the opportunity we call them and answer any questions they have.  They either see the opportunity or they don’t – very simple and a great way to build an incredible business.

So, after completing our “work” we took a stroll around the harbour side of the Old City before the sun went down.  It was absolutely fascinating.  The age of the buildings, the design, the size and the atmosphere are all incredible.  The Princess took some fantastic photo’s of the waterfront area and one of the dozens of mosques in the area.  We walked around the spice markets and strolled through the cobble stoned streets.  It was a wonderful experience and we are really looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow.

We dined in a lovely little restaurant that sold very yummy tomato soup and beef casserole.  We were once again impressed with the standard, taste and price of the food.  The waiters are very friendly and very attentive.  Great stuff.

Back to the hotel at a reasonable hour and into be d relatively early for the first time in a few days.  We get to “sleep in” tomorrow morning.  Yeah……
More on Istanbul tomorrow.
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Gelling With Other Gellers

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

We rose early this morning to make sure we were able to enjoy breakfast before heading off to the conference centre. We slept well – comfortable bed and not too much noise.

The buffet breakfast was very nice albeit a little unusual – local

The conference was held in the Lutfi Kadar (not sure what that means) about a 15 minute walk from the hotel.  The sky was clear and the temperature was low so we were quite refreshed by the time we arrived at the conference centre.  The walk allowed us to take in a little more of the local scenery (quite drab on this side of the city).

The conference started around 30 minutes late due to the large number of attendees arriving at the centre at the same time.

The security was tight (something to do with over 1000 Israelis attending a Turkish [Muslim] conference centre?).  I don’t think the Turkish have anything to fear because the Israeli’s are wonderful people – friendly, passionate and loud!!

The “vibe” of this conference was totally different to our Go Diamond event in Texas.  This conference was titled “Capture The Moment” and the attendees set out to achieve that objective.  Eileen (corporate Agel – Turkey) did an incredible job with organising this conference.  The music, the setting, the food stalls etc… were brilliant.  The crowd was on their feet more often than in their seats and this added to what we took away from the conference.  Agel is not hype and this weekend was definitely not that – it was passion.  Agel is an incredible company and the people involved in it know that we are a part of something very special and very unique.

Whilst we had seen some of the presenters talk in Austin there were quite a few new presenters at this conference.  The message was essentially the same however the context that it was delivered in was very different and we were able to take so much out of this conference too.  What a fantastic opportunity – two conferences in one week in two different continents.  We feel very lucky to be a part of this.

For the lunch break on the first two days we ate at a little restaurant near the hotel.  Again, the food was exceptional – great value, great taste and great atmosphere.

The conference finished around 7.00pm on day one and two so by the time we arrived back in the hotel we were ready to “wind down” a bit.

Both nights we went to a restaurant in a bustling place on Independence Avenue.  The crowds were incredible and the feeling we got from being immersed with the locals was fantastic.  We felt safe and welcomed everywhere we went.

This blog captures Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference so the next blog will outline Day 3 and our move to the next hotel in the Old City.

Off to bed for some well earned rest.

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Styling Up After Going For It

Sunday, January 27th, 2008
What do you say about a conference that is about a company that is not yet three years old, has broken business records internationally, has a CEO that has been recognised as the top CEO under 40 (on the 40 under 40 list), is debt free, has revolutionised the delivery of health and wellness products and that will be a billion dollar company within a year??  Well, let me say that whatever I would say about this company would not truly do it justice.  It is very special and Sandra and I are very lucky to be a part of it.

The outcomes from today’s presentations were incredible and we feel very empowered with great business building knowledge that we can implement now.
Our very exciting news for the day was that were among five people to be drawn out (of a 2000 strong participant group) for a prize.  The prize?… full coverage of our hotel and meal expenses for this year’s Agel World conference in September.  The conference is held in Salt Lake City, Utah (the location of the company’s headquarters) – we attended it in October of 2007.  Winning this prize was a great surprise and it will be great to have some of our expenses covered!!

Today’s session finished at 6.00pm because an 80’s fancy dress party was held between 8.00pm and 10.00pm in the convention room.  We did not bring any fancy dress with us so we tracked down a costume shop and went there to pick up some attire.  We had a lot of fun picking the 80’s costumes and even more fun wearing them to the party.  I can’t believe the fashions of the 80’s!! – I am sure that you can say that about any decade’s fashion.

Looking the part at a fashion party makes the whole evening so much better and we had a fantastic time dancing to the music of the 80’s and immersing ourselves in the 80’s culture for a couple of hours.  I am sure you will agree that we “fit the part”.

We “extended” our evening until around midnight – catching up with people from around the globe with the aim of learning more about their business’ and their markets.  The fellowship of Agel is great – people are dedicated to helping others to achieve their maximum in this business.  Great stuff.

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Go, Go, Go – For Diamond

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Our Agel “Go Diamond” conference started at 1.00pm today so before we attended the first formal session we joined our business partners for a late breakfast at a “Tex Mex” restaurant nearby the hotel.  Some of the team had been to the restaurant the night before for dinner and they were very keen to go back.  We understood why after going there for breakfast.  The service was excellent and the food (Mexican breakfast) was sensational.

We didn’t appreciate how much the Mexican culture influences Texas.  It is quite impressive.

Austin is a very interesting town.  It has a very large university, it is the home of Dell computers, the capital of Texas and yet it is very laid back.  It has a great vibe!

After returning to the hotel we registered for the conference before heading up to the room for a quick change of clothes – something a little more business like.  The first session of the conference was set aside for Managers and above (we are Senior Managers in Agel).  The session set the scene for the conference and the attendees gained a true appreciation for what an incredible company Agel is and what an incredible opportunity we have in our hands.  Several of our top income earners and the corporate team presented during the afternoon.

The afternoon session finished at 4,00pm and the evening session started at 6.00pm so we were able to get a bite to eat in between.  We had reserved seats for our team at one of the hotel restaurants so we didn’t have too far to walk.  It wasn’t long before we were back in the convention room for the evening session.

The evening session was open to all attendees (over 2000 people) and it marked the formal opening of the conference.  It concluded around 10.00pm and I can tell you that no one was tired or in need of going to bed.  However, we knew that the remainder of the weekend was going to require our focus so we “retired” to our room at a reasonable hour – ready for a good night’s sleep.

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Umpa Lumpur

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Well, we are back on the road again – continuing the Gel Tour and building our fortune part time.

We flew from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur (KL) this afternoon.  A lovely 3 hour flight with Cathay Pacific.

We arrived at the KL around 6.00pm and arranged our hotel from the airport.  We met a very nice local man who looked after our bookings then drove us into the hotel (Crowne Plaza).  Haji (the local man) is very interested in the Agel opportunity and he is joining us Monday night for the Agel conference in the Hilton.

After a very relaxing bath and a quick bite to eat we headed out for a brief look around the streets near the hotel before returning around 11.00pm and collapsing in the very, very comfortable bed.  Mmmmm – very nice!!

Off for some touring around the KL city centre tomorrow.

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