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Fade to Rust

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

“Look at all that old junk.  Why would they put that here?” Words spoken by the unappreciative.  The seemingly discarded and forgotten old trucks and farm machinery scattered around the grounds of the Blue Heron French Cheese Company’s property is art.  Prized possesions of a knowing collector.  The collection of former workhorses doesn’t get the same attention as the collection of cheeses and wines on the inside of the establishment’s interior but it is definitely worth looking at.

Faded patinas, flat tyres, cobweb filled cabins and peeling signs make the old Macks, Whites and Willys more appealing.  If you stop long enough you can almost hear the stories being told – conversations of the men and women that drove them, maintained them and treasured them.  Cursing, laughing, crying – it all emanates from these proud rusty hulks.

For a selected few these beautiful old “out of action” chassis are collector’s items.  Indeed, with a lot of sweat and money, they could be restored to their former glory and driven once again.  Not a likely outcome in the short term.

If you are planning a trip to Oregon’s beautiful north coast don’t just visit Tillamook for its famous cheese.  Take some time to savor the delights of some of the other attractions too.  Hidden gems that make the mouth water are right under the nose.  They might not smell like cheese but they do make you salivate – if you’re into old metal that is!

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Colouring The Waterfront

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Terrified faces of shipwrecked fisherman.  The permanent smile of an all knowing whale.  Watchful eyes of coral fish. These expressions are captured beautifully on the murals and wall art that adorn buildings in the historic waterfront in Newport, Oregon.

Local artists have beautified the walls of old buildings and, by doing so, make the stroll along Newport’s “Bayfront” area a pleasurable experience for young and old.  People stop and stare at the detailed artwork and marvel at the size of “as large as life” whales and “larger than life” humans that adorn the wood and brick vertical surfaces of the variety of buildings located along the busy street.

You can’t help but be impressed by the talent and effort of the artists that spend their time creating works of art on otherwise drab walls.  The legacy they leave is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors to Oregon’s coast and the city of Newport.

If you’re planning a trip to the US west coast make sure you factor in a stop over in Newport, OR and stroll the SW Bay Boulevard in the historic waterfront precinct and soak up the colour and detail in the street art.

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