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Staydu is about giving. It’s an online community system offering accommodation, based on sharing and receiving. This article focuses on how Staydu hosts can benefit from budget travelers overnighting with them.

Often travel stories revolve around the travelers, leaving hosts such as those on Staydu without much said about them. But Staydu hosts are an equally important part of a cultural accommodation exchange as the backpacker. They’re on the receiving end of travelers’ skills, and perhaps a gift of money per stay. Visitors may offer cash or any number of skills. If I were a Staydu host, having a visitor help me out with a skill I lack would appeal to me more than taking a bank note. Other hosts might feel differently. Either way, as a host, I’d benefit.

However, the benefit to hosts should not be the driving force for someone joining Staydu. Sure, visitors will give you – their host – what they can afford in time or money. The best way to accept it – I think – is as a gift. There may be a job around the house you just can’t do, something online you need guidance with, or simply a patch of weeding that needs digging up. Now wouldn’t such jobs be a great way to accept payment from a passing Staydu traveler? I’d say.

There are plenty of Staydu hosts benefitting in this way. It works. Join the growing community, get to meet interesting world travelers, and graciously accept the gifts you receive.

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